A place where you can create, trade and collect
cards of any topic and make money in the process.

Cards & Tokens will be a unique platform in its genre where users can collect and play with other users' publications. This crazy idea will only be possible thanks to the new publication format introduced by this platform that is called Digital Collectible Cards. This format allows users to embed their digital content in a crypto-card from which they can then sell or auction copies to monetize their work.

If you are a digital content creator (texts, photos, drawings, animations, videos or music) Now you can publish all your material within a Digital Collectible Cards. Create as many cards as you want and customize every detail, then let the audience decide if the card is good or not. The most popular cards will level up faster giving profits to its creator and providing benefits to those who make a copy.

Collect, buy and sell the best cards and use them to play by joining in the different games you will find in Cards & Tokens.

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